Monday, October 20, 2008

camilla acustic - false miracle

Worthless day to compensate

Leave nothing to talk about

Have you ever thought of me?

Time’s dragged down this memory

Well it’s not like what you see

Have you ever lie to me?

Cos I got spear in my heart

And I swear it’s not my fault

You’ve been away….

Out of sight

Whatever I have sacrificed

For the sake of compromise

What is wrong with me?

The tears taste even bitter now

It’s gonna break me down and cry

Will you ever fall for me?

But it’s bias anyhow

I won’t tolerate your smile

Let just call it a day

ps- sore baru kua wad.

komen ckit..


AnNesara said...

Okla skit lagu ni..but sebutan tu kena tingkatkan lg la b..baru besh..sbb xjelas sgt..

AzRezra Jeri said...

ok... thanks...komen yg mbina..nt b kner ubah cara tu..n tmbh apa yng kurang..

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